Djanbazian Dance Foundation


More than one third of Los Angeles residents’ are immigrants. One hundred and forty languages can be heard on the streets, while six hundred religious traditions are observed within this country. The greatest success in establishing this foundation is to build a bridge within diversities through the art. The Goal and plan of the Djanbazian Dance Foundation is to break down the cultural barriers among the youth, and build positive experiences by exposing and educating them, and letting them move forward in this society. The foundation’s mission is to promote the development and appreciation of the art of dancing, by producing cultural and educational programs, to enhance that knowledge as a vehicle for community betterment. The Djanbazian Dance Foundation is dedicated to preserve and advance culturally diverse art through performances. These will increase the public’s awareness and will give them better understanding of ethnic aesthetic and other dance forms. For this reason, the foundation is willing to provide a forum for programming of special events and dissemination of information about art and culture of dance, in an effort to promote a better understanding between various communities. We also want to add a subdivision wing, with educational purposes spreading the art of dance to provide performing opportunities for communities of talented minority youth.


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